About Us:


We were founded in 1994 and ever since we have developed and sold advanced communication systems, mainly to government customers. 

We work with an interesting and high-demanding niche customer segment, and we operate in a world that few people will experience.


We have recently moved to our new headquarters, and we are currently working on developing and maintaining the best possible facilities for our employees and customers. Our new headquarters is based in the heart of Aarhus harbour area, with a striking view over the water. Our offices and inventory are all architect-designed, and our visitors will quickly discover, that Chora has a taste for quality.


We pride ourselves with:


  • Quality in our work.
  • Quality in our employees
  • Quality in our facilities. 
  • Quality in our work environment.


We have been on the market for more than 20 years. Our ambitions may be bold, but we would like to think that it is well justified. We have a very clear company strategy, which we all frequently assess. Therefore, we all know exactly our contribution to our success.


We understand that the challenge lies in the ability to identify our customers’ needs and changing requirements. That is why we endeavor to work closely with our customers, in order to provide them with the perfect solution, fit for their modus operandi.


Our objective is clear: We aim to provide competent and innovative technologies to our customers.