Chora products are used around the world in the most demanding situations. Consisting of specialized hardware and software developed, produced and tested at our facility. Chora products deliver the right results for our customers every time they are called upon, that's what we call "Dependable innovation".


Our products are not sold over the counter, which is why you will not find further details regarding our products on the website. We sell our products to select customers around the world on markets fitting our strategy and relevant legal requirements.


However, we can give you 10 facts about our products:


  1. Chora products are unique.
  2. Chora products come in both customized and standardized versions.
  3. Chora products are rigorously tested.
  4. Chora products are portable.
  5. Chora products may be mounted for applications at land, at sea and in the air.
  6. Chora products are ruggedized.
  7. Chora software runs on any Windows 7/10 laptop, server or PC.
  8. Chora hardware is modular.
  9. Chora warranty may be expanded and extended via a Service Level Agreement.
  10. Chora also offers consultancy services supporting our customers’ operational requirements.



For further information about Chora products and services, please contact us.