Our products

  • unique
  • portable
  • ruggedized
  • customisable
  • rigorously tested
I work at Chora, because...
  • of the inspiring and informal environment

  • there is a short path from idea to decision, I get real possibilities to influence the company. For me it's also important that my colleagues are clever and not afraid of a challenge

  • of the interesting and challenging problems we solve

  • CHORA's development department is a fantastic place to work, because we do not just make standard products that have to be mass-produced for the lowest possible cost. In a lot of projects we carry out, we are more in the research domain than normal development, we do not always start with a clear road to the resulting product


Current opportunities: 

Sales Executive (Munich)

Senior Software Developers


We are always interested in receiving an unsolicited application, if you believe you have the personality and the skills that can improve our business and our organization.

Please click here, to send us your CV, including a few words, describing why you could make a difference in our company


To provide competent and innovative technologies

We were founded in 1994 and ever since we have developed and sold advanced communication systems, mainly to government customers.

We work with an interesting and high-demanding niche customer segment, and we operate in a world that few people will experience.

We pride ourselves with:

Quality in our work
Quality in our employees
Quality in our facilities
Quality in our work environment

Our ambition may be bold, but we would like to think that it is well justified. We have a very clear company strategy, which we all frequently assess.
Therefore, we all know exactly our contribution to our success.